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Precious Angel Transportation was featured in "The Bargain Hunter" newspaper.

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Precious Angel Transportation was featured in "The Budget" newspaper.  


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Founders Denny & Diana Frazier


We are the parents of Micahela, our daughter with Angelman Syndrome, that graduated in 2016 from Ida Sue School and moved to the workshop.  Due to the state deeming that the workshops and transportation were to be privatized, wanting the clients to have a choice, we started looking at the transportation system.  After observing for several months, we felt that there were gaps or issues that we wanted to remedy.  So, we started Precious Angel Transportation wanting the best caring transportation for not only our daughter, but others in her situation.  

We have raised and been very active in the care of Michaela, and always want her to be safe and happy.  Denny had been a Cub Scout Master, Little League coach and director, he also lead youth from our church on mission trips to inner cities, building wheelchair ramps and other needs.  He was on the fire department as an EMT and firefighter.  Diana was a Brownie Girl School Leader, worked for a school as a van driver for special needs, as a classroom aide, then as a one on one aide for a student in the MH class.  She was on the Wayne County Board of DD for almost 11 years.  We both have always been very active in our daughter's care.  We understand how scary and important it is to know that your loved one is riding in safety with caring transportation, and hope you will consider us for your loved ones transporation.