Operations Manager

Kenny Frazier

My experience of the last 8 years of instrumental in building and operating a transportation company for the Special Needs Community.

My day to day responsibilities were to oversee:

  • All vehicle and safety inspections/ licensing of all vehicles

  • All preventive maintenance and maintenance of vehicles

  • Drivers filled out pre-trip/post-trip forms accurately and on a daily basis

  • Office management and proper filing of all documentation /confidentiality

  • Attendance for Individual’s Service Plan Meetings and filling out documentation as required by attending SSA’S.

  • Keeping all files updated and in order (ISP Plans, Emergency Medical Forms)

  • Employee files updated (All background checks completed, certifications updated, in-service attendance/ testing completed

  • Reviewing proper documentation of Unusual Incident Reports

  • That all vehicles were in safe condition before leaving garage, for safe daily trips to and from the workshops/ places of employment

After working with the Special Needs individuals, I realized out of all the jobs I’ve performed in my life, this was the most meaningful career I’ve ever had.

The opportunity arose for my brother and myself to start Precious Angel Transportation.

On top of working with Special Needs Children and having a Special Needs niece, I’ve always been drawn to the transportation field through my Army experience where I retired as an E-7.

Transported goods by semi, have transported public through a Limo Service.

I am excited about the work Angel Transportation is doing and would love the opportunity to transport your family member.


Polly Frazier


I hold an Associate of Applied Science from The University of Akron / Wayne College.

My past experience working with children and adults with different levels of disabilities involved the direct personal care, assisted in developmental coordination and implementation of individual service plans. Other services were to assist the Nursing & Physical Therapy Departments as needed.

As C.E.O., I hold a position overseeing the staff/ drivers involved in Non-Medical Transportation services. Actively communicate with Board of MRDD/ Transportation Departments to provide the best possible care for our clients.  Actively communicate with parents, guardians and care givers for the special needs persons by attending meetings or filling out any required documentation as needed.

On top of the experience and responsibilities I uphold I also have a strong desire to help others achieve their goals and dreams by providing safe transportation to and from work shops as well as transportation for their places of employment and other public or work related events.

I understand that it can be scary not knowing who is transporting your loved ones to and from their day programs. We want to make this transition smooth for them as well as you! If there are any concerns or doubts, feel free to call us (number on card) and we will be happy to answer your concerns & put your mind at rest knowing that your best interest at heart is our number 1 priority!!!

Advisory Board

Rachel Frazier-Speelman


I am the daughter of the owners of Angel Transportation. More importantly, I am the sister of Michaela, the inspiration for this company. As Michaela’s big sister, I had a strong passion for helping people with disabilities from a very early age. I completed my Intervention Specialist Degree at Ashland University in 2011. Since then, I have been a very active teacher for children with special needs. I am also a member of the Council for Exceptional Children. As a teacher, my philosophy has always been, “If it is not sufficient for my sister, it is not sufficient my students”.

 I am proud to be on the Advisory Board for Angel Transportation. My role is to oversee the decisions that are made within the company have people with Special Needs’ best interest in mind. I inform and educate employees about each unique disability and how to best communicate and serve that individual. It has been a pleasure giving advice about how each transportation vehicle can be modified to ensure that each child has a sensory sensitive ride to and from work. I firmly believe that your loved one will receive the most patience, understanding, and safety with Angel Transportation, because I know that we have the most educated and experienced drivers to get your loved one where they need to go. 

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