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Precious Angel Transportation is owned through a partnership.

      We currently employ 7 drivers in Holmes County and 1 driver in Wayne County.

  To be considered for employment, our prospective employees must go through a series of background checks including a physical and fingerprinting.  When the results of those tests come back, everyone is enrolled in Rapback which is a continual background testing site.  

      We provide hands-on training and are also required to provide annual training for all employees.  No CDL is required to operate any of our vehicles and a clean driving record is a MUST.  

      All prospective employees are screened very carefully because of the nature of our business.  Our employees care for our riders as if they were their own which is why we are very particular about who we hire.

      All employees are FIRST AID/CPR certified and get re-certified every 2 years.



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